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Sound Ecology is a private music and language school that offers education and environmental science services managed by Malika Pailhès and Mark Vogt. We are located in Luxembourg and provide educational, consulting, and scientific assessment services to private individuals, public institutions, and corporate clients.

Our services include private lessons in music and languages, cultural appreciation and motivational seminars for companies and organizations (aesthetics-based approaches + coaching), managing ecological awareness events, organizing musical and cultural events, workshops for schools, scientific and pedagogical assessment, as well as providing corporate clients with green walls and roofs to live and work in more sustainable and perhaps more aesthetically pleasing environments.

Our main advantage is that clients benefit from our combined expertise in domains of science and culture/arts. In times where public education places less emphasis on practicing the arts and culture, due to the dominance of performance standards and competitive attitudes, the rational narratives that legitimize freedom of expression and the practice of rigorous science increasingly appear as effective ways to immunize public life from political polarization and unsustainable lifestyles. We serve these narratives in function of our clients’ needs and contexts, as well as communicating them to a broader public.

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Mark Vogt

Mobile + 352 691 98 88 33

Malika Pailhès

Mobile + 352 691 98 88 22