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Sound Ecology is accredited by the luxemburgish Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures. (see pdf “Agrément MDDI”)

Our staff is trained in biology and nature conservation (MSc University of Reading UK) , as well as environmental education (specialised educator diploma, Haute Ecole de Bruxelles).

Ecology-based services

  • Vegetation and habitat surveys and monitoring

    We scientifically monitor the results of sound ecological measures from the very beginning of your project, according to your needs. Market yourself as a green investor : show that you care about biodiversity by investing in the scientific monitoring of species and habitats developing on site over time through YOUR CARE
  • Ecological balance calculations and compensation measures planning

    The PLANNING phase : we do an initial field biodiversity assessment. In the frame of a construction project, we then look at the construction plans and give advice to the client on which habitats, trees, plants can be preserved, and on ways to create and maintain new habitats on site with a high value for biodiversity, so as to ecologically compensate the biodiversity loss incurred by the construction (in the frame of the 19th January 2004 modified Luxemburgish Law on the protection of nature and natural ressources).

    The MAINTENANCE phase : our ecological maintenance plans ensure that the measures the client has opted for are made clear to the maintenance / gardening staff.

    The LONG TERM : to make your initial investments worthwhile on the short, mid- and long term, we propose regular ecological surveys which will show how the carefully designed ecological plans are fruitful in progressively enhancing biodiversity, how nature is able to thrive on site, through the presentation of clear scientific results (increasing number of species, development of plant communities specific to high biodiversity value habitats etc.).

  • Environmental management consulting

Green Roofs and Walls

  • Conception, execution and maintenance of sustainable green roofs and walls.
  • Training
  • Biodiversity monitoring

Green walls : (1) new school in Alzingen, Luxembourg, (2) and (3) Solarwind building in Windhof, Luxembourg, (4) front desk in Volta buildings in Brussels, Belgium, (5) Ebay in Luxembourg

Environmental education and awareness services

For the general public and publics with special needs:

  • Guided tours focusing on rural and urban plant biodiversity and/or edible, toxic and medicinal plants (with qualified herbalists as an option)
  • Presentations on: environment, botany, biodiversity, nature awareness and related subjects (monitoring, maintenance, etc.)
  • Didactic brochures, informational texts.


    Feb 2010 – Apr 2012 Botanist for a Luxembourg-based environmental consultancy

    • see points 1, 2 and 3 of description of work performed for the Administration de la Nature et des Forêts between May 2009 and January 2010, which continued as an employee of the consultancy.
    • realisation of ecological compensation plans for construction projects in the frame of the the 19th January 2004 Luxemburgish law concerning the protection of natural resources.

    July 2008 – Jan 2010 Free-lance botanist for the Administration de la nature et des forêts (Administration of Nature and Forests), Luxembourg

    • 1 / Writing and editorial work for educational brochures and leaflets.
    • 2 / Botanical surveys and reports in the frame of projects relating to the ecological management and extensive maintenance of green spaces, led by the national Administration de la nature et des forêts (governmental body responsible for the application of laws relating to the protection and management of nature and forests) and the Administration des Ponts et Chaussées (governmental body responsible for road construction projects, services, maintenance and safety measures).
    • 3 / Vegetation monitoring at several sites in the frame of extensive mowing projects and of a project aiming at halting the use of pesticides in urban areas. The results showing the evolution of the vegetation at these sites were presented to the different stakeholders.
    • 4 / Vegetation monitoring in the frame of “renaturation” projects led by the Administration de la nature et des forêts (mostly extensive pastures under the national reglementation of the 22nd March 2002 implementing help measures to protect threatened species and habitats).

    Nov – Dec 2007 Free-lance botanist for the Living Collections service of the National Natural History Museum (NHM) of Luxembourg
    Germination, drying and storing of seeds from the national seed bank.

    Jun – Sep 2007 Botany MSc student internship at the National Natural History Museum (NHM) of Luxembourg (Population Biology service)
    Master thesis botany project :

    • Topic 1: Does inbreeding have an effect on fluctuating asymmetry in the rare plant Saxifraga rosacea subsp. sponhemica?
    • Topic 2: Morphological variation in Saxifraga rosacea subsp. sponhemica.

    Nov 2005 – Mar 2006 University of Bristol, United Kingdom
    Botany BSc thesis
    Title: Comparing seed-set and pollen fertility with mating systems in several Senecio species.

    Jan – May 2003 Internship as part of special educator bachelor studies at the pedagogical farm « Ferme pédagogique de la Vallée », Nivelles, Belgium
    Internship performing environmental awareness activities with school classes (with and without special needs), during which a thesis on how to develop relationships between the plant world and children was written.