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Language and Conversation Courses

Sound Ecology s.à r.l. prices language and conversation courses in English and German (native French or Luxembourgish speakers welcome) based on the precise needs (see below) of our clients: group courses, intensive business language coaching, qualified teaching staff for educational institutions, after-school help for individual students, university-level proof reading of papers, speech preparation, conversation classes are priced in function of working hours, preparatory work, and level of difficulty. Communicate your exact needs and working hours and you will receive a quote promptly.

  • Clarification: Precise Needs

    Our main methods teaching English are centered around:

    1) Pronunciation emphasis. Sounding like and understanding English and German

    speakers as close to native command of language as possible. Our staff are comprised exclusively by native and bi-lingual speakers. Most language schools/classes don’t offer this.

    2) Conversational practice. Constant verbal/written exercise of the language to be mastered in conversational frames set by the client: business, schools, traveling communication skills, academic speech or prose, technical frameworks etc.

    3) Pragmatic aspect: Our clients receive regular progress reports/logs on how their skill developing in appropriacy of their stated goals.

  • Translation Services

    We specialize between English, German, and French. For quotes, please contact us. Quotes vary in function of deadline, pragmatic accuracy (see below), and difficulty of translation (Essay or article translation are cheaper than e.g. translation of a wine tasting website). No legal responsibility or liability is assumed by our services, even if we cater to “terms of use”-translations.

  • Pragmatic accuracy

    Working hours for any client’s particular jobs are charged in function of linguistic-pragmatic parameters. Low accuracy is sufficient for word-by-word translations, short sentences, technical writing. High accuracy and higher working hours are required for precise cultural translation. Idiomatic expressions and turns of phrase for advertising, newspaper articles and related translations that cannot be understood word by word, without factoring in cultural context, are more labor intensive per phrase and thus charged according to the client’s particular needs.