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Mark Vogt Guitar Demo 2012

From the music section of Sound Ecology SARL in Luxembourg, our guitar coach Mark Vogt presents his playing in this edit of cuts, taking only 5:30min of your valuable time. It is of central importance to us, that our coaches and learners continuously demonstrate their progress and our staff is no exception.

From Mark to guitarists: It’s a Nov 2012 snapshot of some of the things I do on guitar(s) these days.
First section is midi nylon guitar with softsynth and sampler help, to render the solo, one voice, one line of notes composition of Bach for solo violin more “orchestral” (exclusively finger picked).

Then a stint to Emmanuel’s Timberlake Road on steel string guitar in some loose mix of Travis thumb picking and Bluegrass (played with thumbpick plus finger), followed by a slow and fast section of blues to hard rock or metal with electric/midi guitar on electronic beats (live, played with conventional pick/plectrum).

Following this, a short jazzy solo section finger picked with software synths and samplers.
It closes with a section from the Emmanuel song Endless Road, which has this in between pick/plectrum and middle and ring finger back on steel string acoustic guitar. Some call it “hybrid picking”; not that non-guitarists should care! All methods, techniques, and technologies should serve music for people.

Heartfelt regards from Luxembourg,